The Pursuit Part Three in a Series

Now that loneliness is resolved or explained or better defined, the pursuit continues, but for a name for the cabin.

The sign on the property when it was for sale said, “Curly Shingles Cabin,” as noted in an earlier note. There are a few issues with that name. First, it isn’t my name for the place. That should not be a reason from an historical perspective, but takes on some meaning when one considers that there are numerous cabins on Curly Shingles Road now, including one that appears newer, but apparently is not. If you put “First” in the name, perhaps, but that is unclear based on history as has been heard from multiple sources. Maybe it was first, maybe it wasn’t, but it needs to change anyway.

Another weird reason for a new name is that some institutions here in Brown County consider “Curly Shingles” to be spelled as “Curley Shingles.” And some GPS systems believe that, leading to issues with some companies not finding the road. UPS gets here about 75% of the time without any issue, but with messages sent my way the other 25% saying “the address is wrong.” One of my credit card companies won’t let me use “Curly” and insists I live on “Curley.” One utility says one spelling is correct and another utility says the other spelling. You cannot have acceptance of either name – pick one. And the owner doesn’t get to pick. The USPS doesn’t seem to care – mail addressed or spelled either way gets here; however, is that because the current mail carrier knows what’s up? What if I get a new carrier? Part of me thinks that won’t matter because of the mail box.

The mail box – it sits in a row of eight mail boxes (excluding the two newspaper boxes stacked at the end which never seem to get any deliveries). The row happens to sit at the corner of Curly Shingles and Country Club Roads, on the corner of my property. Well, not exactly the corner of my property, but at the intersection up the hill from my cabin. The county has an easement through my property that is Curly Shingles Road, so my property is on both sides of that road. Seven of the eight mail boxes have Curly Shingles numbers (1500 and 1600 addresses). The last one on the right is a Country Club Road number in the 2200 block. The house belonging to that mail box is not on Country Club, though – it’s up Curly Shingles somewhere. Curly Shingles dead ends with the driveway into the last house in the 1600 block, so it has to be one of the homes along the road. I learned just this week which one it is, but why is unclear – and the county won’t let the owner change the address to Curly Shingles is my understanding.

That isn’t the only address that’s weird around these parts. In the 2400 block of Country Club is a group of three mail boxes. Two have numbers like 1500 down another little lane, but there’s also a 1700-something one. That doesn’t look that suspicious until you are told the 1700 address is a Country Club address for a property about seven blocks east, but whose access is only down this lane. The driveway to the property from Country Club was never completed, so you get there from the back…

Back to my mail box… The box is near the middle of the row of eight (the biggest gap in which I could place one), between 1600 and 1540. My number? Mine is 1511. No, that isn’t in order, but, in discussing with the mail carrier, she said to just put the box where it would fit and then she would sort the mail in that order going forward. The box fit there. And it works except for boxes sometimes delivered by another postal employee. The only issue there is that he (at least, usually it’s a “he”) thinks leaving boxes for 1600 at my door works since he apparently cannot find 1600. Those get delivered by me up the lane. My house has three (not one, not two, but THREE) number locations on it that say 1511: One on a tree, one on the porch, and one on the new garage…

This started as a pursuit to name the cabin, but has not gotten very far towards that goal. So, maybe next time?