The Pursuit Part Seven – Finally?

Maybe we are there, in the sense that “there” is the naming of the cabin.

As a gesture of goodwill to the locals who have been here longer than me, the “Curly Shingles Cabin” sign will be displayed on the Country Club Road side of the garage at some point. The sign will be better preserved – there needs to be something done to make sure it stands the test of time. It’s old. So, this spring sometime the sign will go back up. And maybe there’s an opportunity to place the number 1511 in yet a fourth place on the property. That does not guarantee that 1600 gets their packages without a stop at my place, of course.

And, honestly, many change names of things with a salute to the past. That means, in the interest of avoiding confusion and causing great harm for the lost, the new name – for the Kunzelman era – could be on a sign on the porch, on the deck, in the house, or somewhere other than right under or next to the historical name. The RCA Dome (RIP) was originally the Hoosier Dome from 1984-1994. It was demolished in 2008 after the opening of Lucas Oil Stadium down the street. There may have been a plaque commemorating the original name somewhere. For the sake of locals, though, the “original” name needs to be more predominate than the new, personalized, name.

In the end, there may not be a lot of angst over “two” names – the historical and the personal.

So, having reached a level of acceptance for naming anything, we have the cabin here in Brown County, Indiana, three miles west of Nashville, Indiana. Whether it needs it or not, the cabin’s going to get a personal name. And that is an option – no name at all. Just the cabin commonly known as 1511 Curly Shingles Road – or “Curley” to some. But, we’ve gone this far. There might as well be a name. And that name is…

Changing Altitudes Haven.

There’s the nod to Jimmy Buffett. His song is “Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes” is a personal favorite defining, perhaps, the psychological transformation one navigates in certain locations. So we have “Changing,” which is at least related to “Changes.” And we have “Altitudes,” which rhythms with “Latitudes” and “Attitudes” and is also related to position as is “Latitudes.” And, as he usually sings live, “help me out…” Those of you still with me, please join in.

There’s a nod to the fact the cabin is not on a flat surface – it’s on the side of a hill. You look out the second floor at the street level of Country Club Road on one side, but are many feet higher above ground the other direction – or many feet above the winding Curly Shingles Road as you ascend the hill from the west ravine. The cabin is not horrifically wide (about twenty feet) and yet drops maybe four to five feet in altitude from front to back and the yard continues its downward slope well beyond that, into the ravine, and then up the hill to the southwest.

And, finally, the cabin is a haven to the dogs and me. It’s the safest place we know today. And that is a tip-of-the-hat to our former home of Grand Haven, Michigan, from whence we came.

The right to change my mind is hereby reserved. The name doesn’t grab me… You would think one word preceded by the word, “The,” would really just say it all. But, there’s no one word, yet… Stay tuned. There could be a Part 8 in our future.

So, that is all for now. I have to go calm down the dogs – they expected their names to be used in the name. Izzy seems especially upset. Maya just has her paws over her ears when I say the name.