Thoughts While Wet

Rainy days are opportunities. Sit back, think about life, and relax. While awaiting the world to dry out a bit, these varied thoughts crossed my mind today…

FLAT EARTH: So, if the world is flat, how does the Sun get from side to side? There must be a mechanism that shuts it off and then moves it back into place for the next morning – so as to “queue the Sun.” That could be a movie, I suppose. The show could be about living in a bubble or having gigantic ice dams at the end to keep everything in place. Fixed satellites support the concept, perhaps.

BEAUTY: Without question, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some like men, some women, some both. Some like red heads, blondes, green and spiked hair, balding. Some tall, some short. There are those preferring thin, others heavy, some well-proportioned, others out of proportion. There are preferences for dark skin, or light skin, maybe muscular build, or just kind of unchiseled. It takes all kinds.

SUICIDE: It seems that the vast majority of people are against suicide because they are still around regardless of what life deals them. There are those, though, that see no future worth living, a life having been completely lived, no other way out of some situation, as a symbolic gesture in making a point, unbearable sorrow, guilt that has no recourse, or some other bridge too far to cross.

TRAVEL: The desire to travel is partially obstructed by my connectivity with the dogs. Longer travel than a few days would be nice to a couple of places, but Izzy the elder dog is not getting any younger and will be 12 on May 23. Maya was 9 on April 4. The dogs don’t like to travel very far – at least Izzy doesn’t – and so taking them to Indy to their favorite dog setters may be as far as they like.

ALONE: Three or four years ago being alone seemed like a chore incapable of being accomplished. After my divorce, there was this urgent “need” to find someone to spend time and travel with. Not just because travel seems less likely now because of Izzy, but the adjustment to the new life has led to an acceptance of being alone. You find things that make you happy and pursue them.

RECYCLING: Some can be heard to think, “What’s the big deal about one can going into the trash?” If 315 million Americans did one can, you can get the picture. All of us should pursue that which makes life for our children and grandchildren better. Having bigger areas committed to landfills does not seem to be the way to a better life down the road for the next generations.

TOO BUSY: Have you ever wondered about what you learned from an aging relative and then realized that you did not spend enough time with them to pick up on many stories of yesteryears? Looking back, there is so much more I could have learned from my mom, grandma, uncles, aunts, and others, but did not think of the right questions until too late. When it’s too late, the chance is gone.

Enough thoughts for now – the Sun is out, so kindly disregard this composition…