Letter Writing – Revisit Number Two

Letter Writing – Revisit Number Two

After writing letters for a time (maybe 18 months or more?), there is a desire, albeit not need, to comment on that. Since February of 2017, about 240 letters have left my home to various destinations, most to Michigan or Indiana addresses. That’s about 16 to 17 a month or a little more than one every other day. Here are some thoughts.

Few addressees write back. Among those that do not, though, are some of the more excited recipients who respond by text, Messenger, email, Facebook, or call. Me thinks that calling is almost as obsolete as writing – not quite. Email is losing ground. Messenger and text are leading the way. Any response, though, is great, but no response is expected or required to get another letter.

Some that respond do so within days; others take a tad longer. Some comment on my meanderings while others take off on their own subject matter – and either is totally acceptable to me. None from either direction have been what might be labeled “love letters.” These are all general comments among friends. No one has moved to avoid a letter; well, one HAS moved and I don’t yet have their new address… Some have never said a word about receiving a letter.

Most recipients are not regular conversationalists in person. Some are close enough that they could be under different circumstances. Some were regularly seen in person, but that was before the move to the woods or before my retirement or before their move to wherever.

I have only received one back – that one was unable to be forwarded to a vacation location for some unexplained reason.

My style changes from letter to letter. Sometimes the letter is more of an “update” on what’s happening and maybe there is always a little of that in most letters. Sometimes the letter takes off on some topic of significance at the moment and doesn’t stray far from the issue at hand. Some might take up two or three subjects and no more. It seems that an impassioned moment strikes out as a thesis on this topic or that. Less passion or more mundane might be a wealth of subjects that spends little time on any. The impassioned ones are more to my liking. Those arise from the depths of feelings on subjects of the day that are important for any number of reasons. The passion could be on something as innocent appearing as organization of something, a political or religious theme, or any number of avenues that the mind trudges down. It could be dogs. It could be love, but not in a “love letter” sort of way, maybe questioning universal concepts. Few are political. Few are religious. More are philosophical concepts that could range from a very simple question to an in depth topic that is more like a book. None are ever that long, aside from those that the reader just falls asleep on the first few lines… Maybe that happens…

I read with interest all responses. I look sometimes for the next subject matter as well as seeing what is happening out there.

In the past, letters might be rewritten if there’s an error. Nowadays, it’s more common to see me scrawl through something and rewrite whatever the word was to be. Usually, it’s the pen failing to keep up with the mind and there’s a thought leaving out a word or, more commonly, mixing up two words. That’s the way it is…

So, thoughts, comments, criticism, whatever – all are welcome. If you are not an addressee and want to be, let me know; if you are and don’t want to be, save me a stamp…

On to the next one…

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