The Cabin

“The Pursuit” series in the blog is great – up until the last one… That’s where a new name for the cabin was revealed; however, it’s too long. Oh, not LEGALLY – it’s just too dang long…

Now everything in that January 30, 2018, blog post is really fine except for the cabin name. The logic for the initial naming thought is fine – and might tell a little bit about who this cabin dweller is. The other information in that post is fine – except that the Curly Shingles Cabin sign might be somewhere other than the Country Club Road side of the garage – or not. All is good, except the name. And since that blog post in January, I have learned that the county – Brown County – considers Curly Shingles Cabin to be the name of the property if it is used as a seasonal rental property, as it has been in the past. And that’s fine.

So, what do we do about that? Come up with a new name seems reasonable.

And is there one word or a shorter name that exemplifies how the cabin serves those that currently sojourn there? Perhaps there is.

The Haven

Now “The Refuge” was considered, but maybe was not quite as clear and perhaps too protective. “The Sanctuary” was considered, but made the cabin more a place to flee to than calmly accept as home. That also sounded too much like there was a spiritual connotation, which there might not be. And there are many other names that could be just right to other people. This name seems right for me and my dogs, Izzy and Maya.

You cannot recognize by way of a name all of the important people, places, philosophies, peculiarities, physical characteristics, or positive words that define your life or the place or the place in conjunction with your life. There would be several words in a name if you tried and that would be too long. If there is one word that says the most important characteristics about the cabin, then maybe Haven is the name.

And there is no specific physical characteristic of the cabin that would work well. You could credit the builder, but most would not know his name (I do now). The description of the cabin on a hillside among other hills covered with trees without a specific feature such as a creek or lake on the property does not lend itself to an easily identifiable namesake. While lots of wildlife frequent the property, none, except for one nest of hawks, appears more permanent – and they could move and are not here all of the time, gone most of the summer. Naming after the dogs makes the name longer since there are two dogs and they might not like the order of their names.

“Haven” by definition is a harbor or port or a place of refuge. There are several terms you find in a thesaurus to define a haven, including anchorage (which can be anything dependable), sanctum (a private place), and then many words that relate to shelter, protection, or refuge, including asylum, cover, covert, harborage, retreat, or sanctuary. So, “Haven” is a good, general name for the place. Even the dogs might eventually learn to connect the word to home or the cabin.

So, finally, we have a name. Life is good.

Now I must explain it to the dogs.