Personal Training

The search for better health through personal training was not driven by any particular illness or injury. There was no desire to become a gym rat. Becoming some chiseled old guy never crossed my mind. Already had a six pack – the other kind… It seemed that a personal trainer might help me learn a few things about taking better care of myself. Being fit was good.

And the search started in Grand Haven. I was already a member at this gym where the treadmill was my favorite and there I found my first trainer. He had a way of pushing me that didn’t feel like “pushing.” And there was improvement. Losing weight wasn’t a bad result – that was one of my goals. That seemed to bottom out; he explained that muscle weighs more than fat, so maybe there is a point where the scales are going back in the other direction. OK.

My physique mentor then had a knee issue that took him out for a time and the substitute took me forward until he returned. All was well until he moved out of state. So now the substitute became the new mentor and she seemed tougher in some respects. All was well, though, until the pinched nerve incident.

Now the pinched nerve injury was at home and really quite silly, it seemed. While painting a wall where only a step or two took me to the top, the routine of coming down, turning, getting more paint, and returning up the step or two to paint was going fine. Then came the corner. Same process, but the paint can wasn’t to the right and back, it was back. The twinge in the back was obvious, but that was all until the trip down to the paint can one more time. Nope. It took me nearly a half hour to put the lid on the paint can… This, too, shall pass, right? Nope… The doctor’s visit resulted in a suggestion for a chiropractor. That did almost nothing. Then physical therapy. That worked, especially when they put me on “the rack.” This thing pulled my legs with my body strapped down. That helped a lot in reducing the impingement in the spine.

With progress in place, why not go see the personal trainer? Indeed. Despite knowing my predicament, she had me try things that just were not yet in the cards. Pain increased. The personal training was abandoned. The physical therapist had me in a good position to go forward, but now there’s a “gun shy” characteristic about what a trainer might ask me to do.

Then there was the move to Indiana. A few months later, late summer maybe, a new trainer was found. She had a second job at a place I might come every now and then. In talking about personal training one night at the establishment, she spoke up to say she did personal training and yoga. Why not? It was time to get back on the horse – or was it a wagon?

This trainer was different. Rather than use gym machines, she had me do things that I could do at home or most anywhere. It was a different approach. Now “could do” versus “did” are different entities, but some things were done on occasion at home. And there were timed exercises repeated several times that did just as much as the gym machines seemed to accomplish. There was sweating going on here. And then we added yoga. The benefit of stretching had always escaped me, but she made me appreciate that. The whole methodology worked for me. Her effort in company with my dog walks and hiking seemed to be a good combination. It’s hard to tell if a few extra pounds now are really muscle, but feeling good with good energy is working for me. And I’m no spring chicken any longer.

My advice? Look into getting a personal trainer. I can refer you to mine.