Brown County (Indiana) Blogging

This blogging has been a struggle. There are bursts of enthusiasm followed by weeks or months of nothing. And, so, in an attempt to learn, I read articles and watched YouTube presentations on blogging. The advice was, well, diverse with many recommendations.

Have a theme.

Use “I” and “you.” Don’t use “I,” but some “you.” Sound conversational.

Be consistent. Be meaningful.

Use catchy titles.

Keep it short, but be yourself. Write in depth.

Use references.

Stand out.

Use one line paragraphs or no more than a few lines. Use short sentences.

Wow. Now what?

First, shorter is better, but with at least 300 words. My objective has been around 500. I skip wordy or lengthy posts myself. No references – nothing formal here.

Second, catchy titles or headlines make sense. And I need to take a look at past posts.

Third, no theme. In a sense there is a theme if the post is whatever pops into my head today. I’m not selling anything. This is purely entertainment for my friends and acquaintances. There could be themed posts based on my career or whatever.

Fourth, I have avoided using “I” much. If the post is conversational, then there needs to be an “I” and a “you.” Conversational is good, but I prefer a storyteller role.

Fifth, “meaningfulness” is in the eyes of the beholder and could stand out.

Sixth, “consistency” may not be required without a theme. Having a consistent style might be good. There could be more of an attempt at being consistent in timing – one a week, one every other day, whatever.

Seventh, shorter sentences and paragraphs make sense. Some of my past blog posts would benefit with this revision.

And this is getting to 300 words. I will begin refinement for readability without seeking perfection. The best approach could be to tinker with revisions of past posts, including titles; however, maybe just rewrite the whole thing…

One big issue is connectivity here in the woods. It isn’t good. So, until that improves later this year when fiber/cable arrives, we’ll be slow.

That connectivity issue makes it pure Brown County (Indiana).